• Luxury Leather Repair Crack/Crease Leather and Vinyl Filler

Luxury Leather Repair Professional Grade Crack/Crease Leather/Vinyl FillerLuxury Leather Repair Crack and Crease Filler is a thin leather repair compound for leather and vinyl.  Crack and Crease filler offers excellent adhesion and flexibility when trying to fill in light to medium cracks, creases, scuffs or just general rough areas.  The main purpose of Crack/Crease filler is to smooth out the surface prior to apply leather dye to ensure a smooth even recolored finish.  Crack/Crease Filler also helps to ensure the dye doesn't seperate in the cracks, providing strength to the overall repair.  Our All-In-One formula also works great on Leather Jackets, Boots, Gloves, Automotive Leather Seats, Motorcycle seats and Saddle Bags, and for leather crafts. Do not use on Unprotected Aniline, Nubuck or Suede as it will change the feel of these leathers by adding a protective top coat.  Please inquire with any questions and Thanks in advance for your purchase!!

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Luxury Leather Repair Crack/Crease Leather and Vinyl Filler

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