• 1.35V MR-9 PX625 MRB625 Adapter + Battery For Film Camera/Light Meter MADE IN UK

What is Included?
  • 1 x PBC PX625 / MR9 Battery Adapter (Made in England)
  • 6 x PowerOne PR44 Zinc Air Batteries (Made in Germany)
Machined with Grade A Brass, with Anti-Oxidation Coating Applied. Improvement from previous Japanese version:1. Even Higher Quality Brass Used + Anti-Oxidation Coating2. Fillet Curve Design, Prevent Cut and Scratching battery compartment.3. Larger Air-Flow Hole + Better Battery Fitting4. Re-designed Battery Shape (Referenced from more than 20 mercury battery samples.)5. Engraved Labeling What For?Camera using PX625, PX13, MR9 1.35V mercury battery can use it. Such as Olympus OM1, Rollei 35, Canon F1, Canon EF, Minolta SR, Nikkormat F, Nikon F, Yashica 124G, Vintage Light Meters, etc that used the original PX625 (1.35V) battery. Please check the compatibility list below. If your camera is not on the list, please contact me :) I am here to helpThis also works for vintage light meter!**NOT FOR LEICA M5Please check the Feedback on the item :)How does it work?The battery converter converts the size of the PR44 Zinc Air battery to a regular PX625 mercury cell fitting. This is a way better solution than using cheap size fitting adapter as circuit shorting in the camera might damage the light meter sensor, especially the more complicated light meter circuit in Canon F-1 and Yashica 124G. Moreover, the cheap adapter doesn't provide air flowing hold that activates the Zinc Air battery, hence an unstable voltage output.PLEASE AVOID CHEAP FITTING ADAPTER -No Air-Hold / Poor Air-Flow: Unstable / Unusable Voltage Output, hence malfunctioning and producing inaccurate light metering result. -Thin Adapter Height: Cause Poor Conduction / Short Circuit.Please read: Some of the camera models might use different battery types even for the same model name, for example Pentax Spotmatic, some of them uses PX400, while others use PX625. Please refer to the user manual or drop me an message.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       PX625 / H-D / MBR625 Battery Adapter Compatible List (Last Updated on 20 NOV 2018)
AgfaOptima 500 Sensor, Selectronic(Requires 2 Adapters), Selectronic S(Requires 2 Adapters), Agfamatic 300/4000/4008(Requires 2 Adapters), Agfamatic 5008/6008(Requires 3 Adapters), Optima 535/1035/5000/5008/6000/6008(Requires 3 Adapters)  
Alpa9d, 9d SLR(Requires 2 Adapters)
Argus270 Insta-Load, CR-1
Bell & HowellFD35, Autoload 340/341, Auto Reflex Dial 35
BronicaC2(Requires 2 Adapters), S2(Requires 2 Adapters)
CanonFT, FTb, FTbn, FT-QL, TX, TLb, EF(Requires 2 Adapters), F1 (some), Ex, EX EE Auto, A35F, Demi 17, Demi EE 17, Canonet QL17/QL19/19E/25/19E, Canonet New QL17/New QL17L/New QL19/New 28/G-III 17/G-III 19
ChinonSLR, 1000EL pocket, CS, CXII
DacoraRapid D101, D202, D404
EdixaLTL, 35MM, Prismat, Amica Auto,TL 1000
ExaktaTL1000, RTL1000, Examat & Travemat meter finders, RR, RTL, TL Meters, Capitol, Examat, Pentacon, Praktisix, Sedic, Toshiba, Travemat
Fuji/Fujica35FS, 35GP, V2
GAF CorporationL-14, L-17, L-CM, L-CS, Anscomatic 726, Autoset Cds
GAF BernardAuto 35, Model 503, Viceroy 5000
GossenLuna-Pro(Requires 2 Adapters), Luna-Six 3*(Requires 2 Adapters), N100(Requires 2 Adapters), Super Pilot SBC(Requires 2 Adapters), C-Mate, Super Pilot*Gossen Lunasix 1st generation (grey and black buttons) only requires 1 adapter. (Thanks Oliver for the info!)
Hanimex35EE, 35SL, 120, 620, Compact A
HasselbladMeter Prism Finder CdS
KalimarK650, K431 Cds meter, K433 zone meter, Zanit 2000CTL
KeystoneK609H, K610H, K616D, K164H, K615H, K1010 Auto
Kiev60 TTL (2 each)
Kodak AGRetina IIF
KonicaAutoReflex T4(Requires 2 Adapters)/TC/Autorex, Auto S/S1.6/S2/S261 meter, EE-Matic, EE-Matic Deluxe F/FM, c35/c35 Flashmatic/ FS-1(Requires 2 Adapters), CdS Meter for Konica FPPlease note: Some of the Konica C35 uses PX675, please send us a picture of the camera base to confirm before purchase. 
KowaSE, SER, SET, SETR, SETR2, 6, 6 MM, Super 66
LeicaCL, M5, Leicaflex SL/SL2(Requires 2 Adapters)/SL-MOT/SL2-MOT(Requires 2 Adapters), Leica Meter MR, Metrastar, MR4Please note: We have received number of reports that this adapter will NOT FIT Leica M5 Cameras. We are now investigating the fitting issue. If you have any of these Leica devices, you can subscribe our Tester Programme (Free of Charge) and receive a free adapter testing sample from us.To join this programme, please drop us an message. 
MinoltaSRT 100/101/200/201/202, SR 1/7/7V/100/102/200/201/202, AL-F, AL-E, Autopack 700, Himatic 7/7s/9/11, SR Meter II, S, V, Color Meter/Flesh Meter(Requires 5 Adapters)
Minox110S(Requires 2 Adapters)
MirandaSensorex, Automex II/III, F, FM, Cadius, F Coupled Meter, FM 1, G, TTP, Clip-On CdS Meter, TTL Penta, Prism CdS Meter, Penta Prism Meter
NikonF, FTn, FT, T, Tn, Nikkormat FT/FTn/FT2 , Nikomat FT/FTn/FT2, Photomic F/FTN/T/TN(Requires 2 Adapters)
Olympus35 series: 35DC/35LC/35RC/35RD/35SC/35SP/35SPN/35UC, EED, Pen FT, FTL, M-1, OM-1, OM-1MD, OM-1n
J.C. PennySLR2/SLR3
PetriFT, FTIII, F1X, Racer, Petriflex 7
PrakticaTL, TL1000, Super TL/TL2/TL3, LTL, LTL3, MTL3, MTL5, Praktica 66 meter, Prakticamat
PentaxSpotmatic F ONLY (NOT FOR SP / SP-II / SP500 / SP1000)
RicohSimplex, Simplex II, SLX 500, TLS 400/EE
RevueAuto S, Auto S22
Rollei35, 35S, 35T, 35 Classic, A26, 126, XF35, Rolleiflex SL35, SL35M, SL26
SpiratoneSpiraflex TTL
TopconRE Super, Super DM, 135EE
Vivitar35EE, 35EF, 35ES
VoigtländerVF101, VS1, VF101 35mm Electronic Rangefinder(Requires 4 Adapters), Vitessa 500 AE(Requires 2 Adapters), 500 SE(Requires 2 Adapters)
Wardsam450/am550, am551, xp500/xp500a, xp501/xp501a
YashicaMAT 124, MAT 124G, Y12, Y24, Half 14, Lynx 14/5000, Ministar 700D, Penta J3/J4/J5/J7
Zeiss IkonContaflex 126/SLF, Contarex Super/Super BC, Icarex 35S/35CS, SL706, Contessa S 310(Requires 4 Adapters), S 312(Requires 4 Adapters)
ZenitZenit TTL, Zenit 16, Zenit 18, Zenit 19, Zenit , Zenit Avtomat, Zenit AM, Zenit APK
Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersQ: Will this convert the voltage of a battery?A: No, this adapter does not convert the voltage of a battery. However, the 50 - 100mv differences have a very limited effect on the light meter reading. Usually less than half stop. Moreover, the Zinc-Air battery outputs 1.35V over 90% of the its lifetime, same as the Mercury Battery.Q: Can I use the 1.5V PX625 Alkaline / Silver Oxide Battery in the market?A: No, the 1.5V PX625 Alkaline or Silver Oxide Battery have a much higher and very unstable voltage output when compared to the PR44 Zinc Air battery. The former battery output a range of 1.7V to 1.2V, which not only makes the meter reading unusable but also damage the circuit.Q: What battery do I need?A: You will require a PR44 Zinc Air 1.45v battery. They cost around 3 pounds per pack of six, which is also included in this listing.Q: Why need a hold?A: Zinc-Air battery unlike the Alkaline battery, it requires oxygen to trigger the chemical inside the cell to generate power. Hence, there are small holes on top of the Zinc Air Battery. UK Shipping: Royal Mail 48 / Next Day by RM 1pm Special DeliveryInternational Shipping: Royal Mail Priority International Air-Mail Bulk Purchase InquiryBulk price available for large quantity order (more than 20 packs), please send us a message before placing an order.

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1.35V MR-9 PX625 MRB625 Adapter + Battery For Film Camera/Light Meter MADE IN UK

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